Review of Ultimate Anti Candida Diet Recipes

Nothing is more frustrating than trying to explain to your doctor (or your spouse) that you “think” something is not right. You may not have clear cut symptoms, or perhaps you may be hesitant to reveal or even discuss the real problem.

Everyone occasionally has health issues. No, we don’t want them, but they consume attention. We all naturally want a solution when stuck in this predicament.

Candida is a common problem that can easily grow out of control. It causes digestive problems, insomnia, fatigue, joint pain and sinus problems, and the list for possible consequences is much longer.

Co-workers and our friends may sense something is wrong. Even more importantly, we can’t possibly hide from our spouses and children. They see it in our eyes and hear it the tone of our voice. They know we hold back for some odd reason.

Could Candida Albicans Be the Cause?

My personal story is not unusual or anything special, but then again, it was almost overwhelming to me. It started when I was a 32-year old woman experiencing unusual vaginal bleeding.

I passed a pap test, endometrial biopsy and other exams based on reasonableness for my age. I was not in the right risk group for cancer because of my profile, my age, having had multiple healthy pregnancies, remaining slightly below normal weight, and eating a very sensible and healthy diet.

My doctors said I was healthy with no adnormalties.

I insisted however and pushed for more tests because I sensed something was terribly wrong. These additional tests revealed I had Stage-1 uterine cancer. My doctors were shocked. I was stunned, especially because my small army of specialists previously told me everything was fine.

Know this: No doctor is perfect despite all degrees and reputation to the contrary. This is perhaps the most important and life-changing revelation I have to offer anyone. When they insist, ask more questions, thoughtful, heartfelt, probing questions.

Trust in yourself, your instincts, and what your belly tells you.

Be Insistent and Demand Quality

If I had not insisted, it may have been too late when more severe symptoms arose. Today, 32 years later, I am fine and healthy and a strong advocate for patient involvement and self-help. When I do see doctors, I question them thoroughly and push for results resolving problems, not symptoms.

Severe yeast overgrowth may fall into that category and stump doctors who only ask questions about symptoms and do not resolve your problem. Keep looking for answers and take charge. There are effective home remedies that are safe, affordable and effective, and further, do not require a doctor’s agreement.

First Defense – What You Should Do

The internet has many good and useful purposes, one of which is that it brings resources and information into the home. You do not need to subscribe to expensive journals, browse bookstores or spend time driving to libraries any longer.

A few search terms in the browser of choice, and you have more reading material that you ever dreamed of even a few years ago. Often, the competing webpages are a little overwhelming and the accuracy of information is not guaranteed.

A Simple 5-Step Plan

A new downloadable book entitled “The Ultimate Candida Diet 5-Step Plan,” by Lisa Richards caught my attention. It is an online book and how-to manual. It became more popular by the day over the last few years. Lisa Richards suffered from overgrowth herself. As a professional medical researcher and accomplished, published author, she searched for personal answers. Once satisfied professionally, she created an assortment of home remedies – very good ones.

What is a yeast infection? It is an annoying fungus found in the mouth, intestines and vagina. In healthy amounts, the 150 species of yeasts in the human bodies cause no harm, but with imbalances and overgrowths, they can cause trouble. Enter the Albicans or Monilla varieties of Candidasis.

Why do some people get an overgrowth? Doctors and scientists think it has to do with the immune system, what people eat, the amount of stress endured, and other medical problems, but then again, it is hard to define. The symptoms of intestinal yeast overgrowth are:

  • Bloating, gas
  • Diarrhea, constipation
  • Food allergies, intolerance
  • Headaches, lack of concentration
  • Joint aches
  • Ear aches and pain
  • Fungal problems on skin or nails
  • Thrush
  • Cystitis
  • Sinusitis
  • Fatigue

As I can attest, everyone suffers from one or more of these symptoms sometime in their life. However, if any of these symptoms are present at the same time that a woman has a vaginal yeast infection, or any person is suffering from a thrush infection of the mouth and tongue, then treating the whole body for a Candia overgrowth may be a smart thing. Certainly, a dietary improvement cannot hurt, which your doctor will verify.

Home Remedies for Yeast Infection

The Ultimate Candida Diet 5-Step Plan by Lisa Richards is available for download on your computer. There is no need to wait for mail delivery; you can start immediately.

The documents are in PDF format, and are compatible with Personal Computers (PCs), MACs, iPods, Android Tablets, and most mobile devices. To pay online, (the cost is $37.00) there is a 100% secure SSL-encrypted pay link.

This is what you will receive:

  • The 5-Step Plan
  • 3 e-books
  • A shopping list
  • An email course for guidance in 10 installments
  • Explanation of 8 factors of importance
  • A timeline for the plan and what to expect
  • Guide to Probiotics
  • Money saving tips
  • 2 Questionnaires
  • Medical tests you can discuss with your Doctor
  • Recommended antifungals
  • Lists of foods to eat
  • Health recipes
  • Lists of foods to avoid
  • Guide to yeast infection die-off
  • Alternate therapies and recipes
  • Tips for long term; to prevent recurrence
  • Herbal remedies for de-stressing

This is a treasure trove of information prepared by a top medical researcher. But know also you need only read the portions that apply to you. It is written in an easy to read and understand manner so that anyone can quickly find relief. To get going takes less than an hour yet the complete system contains a vast resource for establishing a permanent cure and preventative program. You will will find almost limitless tips, suggestions, examples, alternatives and much more.

From personal experience, I recognize the onset of a yeast infection and overgrowth. Doctors however sometimes disagree. If you mention joint pain and your doctor gives you the answer of “typical of aging,” and if you say you have headaches, fatigue and diarrhea and the diagnosis is to eat more vegetables, then you should nevertheless trust your instinct and consider anti Candida overgrowth recipes.

A Few Things You Will Quickly Discover

  • A glimpse into what types of foods aggravate yeast infections and those that help to keep it in balance is revealing. Especially, “gooey” foods may be bad.
  • The bad foods include fruit, sugar, honey, bread, cheese, many processed foods, and high-fat recipes.
  • Good foods to help your body are veggies, nuts, and seeds. Unpasteurized, organic raw yogurt is the kind that helps the body, where others may not be doing what you think because of high sugar content.
  • The information in this plan provides details, shopping lists to print to help at the grocery store, and even provides recipes.

Other information included will shed light on probiotics, detoxifications, antifungal medications and other options. Instead of consulting with doctors and spending hundreds of dollars and scheduling multiple visits, this may be a much simpler solution.

What to Do Next

If you even think briefly that a yeast overgrowth may be part or all of annoying problems you experience from time to time, this system is well worth the money.

If after examining the contents, reading and following the diet and other suggestions you are not 100% satisfied with results after two months, you can get money refunded in full. No risk for clear health benefits is a winning formula.

I fully recommend the Ultimate Candida Diet system. It works for me and provides all of the options I need.