Diet and Recipes for an Anti-Candida Lifestyle

If you’re reading this article, you probably know about the symptoms of Candida overgrowth. With just a little research, you’ve also probably discovered that the key to living free of these symptoms involves a change in your diet.

It can be a little overwhelming when you decide to make this change. This is because, as a first defense, you need to eliminate excess sugar, alcohol, wheat, corn, oats, barley, and pasta from your diet. You also should restrict cured, processed, and smoked meats. Consider too cutting down on milk, cheese, and starchy vegetables. If you’re like most Americans, that’s pretty much everything most of us eat on a regular basis.

Do you see a trend here? Beer brewers know the process well. They make beer with starchy grains and yeast. To make the yeast grow faster and cause fermentation, they add sugar that is converted into alcohol.

So, what are your alternative food choices?

You’ll be happy to know that there are lots of healthy candida diet recipes that are simple to cook and delicious. The most important thing to remember is this: combinations of fresh one-ingredient foods are the best. And yes, the change is difficult, especially at first. However, after the first week, you’ll feel dramatically better.

Fill the Hole Left by Restricting Sugar

Good news! There are a couple of great sugar alternatives that you can enjoy. Xylitol is a natural sweetener that can be extracted from corn plants, berries and plums. When you first try xylitol, it may not taste as sweet as sugar, but as you will get used to it quickly and use less. Stevia is a natural herbal sweetener that’s much sweeter than sugar. It’s easy to find in stores, but make sure there are no sneaky additives.

Healthy Cooking Oils

The best cooking oils to use are pure coconut oil or olive oil. Each of these has its own distinctive flavor, so experiment for the best fit. Coconut oil, with its rich, sweet flavor and aroma, works especially well with curries. It also works well as a butter replacement for steamed or sautéed vegetables.

Olive oil is a great all-around oil and many people use it exclusively. Combined with a little fresh lemon juice and oregano, olive oil makes a great Mediterranean-style salad dressing, or a sauce for broiled chicken.

Preparing Vegetables

There’s nothing simpler than steaming or sautéing vegetables. Try smashing and slicing up one or two toes of fresh garlic, then toss it in a moderately heated pan coated with olive oil. While the garlic is cooking down, rinse and chop up some of your favorite dark leafy greens.

Chard, spinach, kale, collard or mustard greens are all great choices. Shake them dry in a colander, or dry them on a paper towel. Add them to the pan, and let them wilt until they’re tender. (Don’t forget to stir them now and then.) Before eating these greens, feel free to top them with sea salt and fresh lemon juice.

Preparing Meats

Keep it simple. In the beginning it may be easiest to broil or sauté meats. You can make a great coconut curry sauce for skinless broiled chicken by combining pure coconut milk, a good curry powder, sea salt, a bit of fresh ginger and some fresh garlic in a food processor. Heat the mixture up in a sauté pan lightly coated with coconut oil, and let it cook down for a while. Pour it over the broiled chicken, and enjoy!

As you get used to eating anti-candida foods, you’ll start cooking more creatively. In addition, you’ll savor the fresh taste and health benefits of your elegantly simple diet.

The Huge List of Recipes – Guaranteed to Satisfy

You could research until your eyes blur to find a few recipes you like. Or, in just a few minutes, you could have a huge list of proven Anti-Candida diet recipes to browse. The best list I found by far was prepared by Lisa Richards, a medical researcher, and former suffer of regular Candida overgrowth.

Lisa Richards is a professional author. She prepared a download kit that is easy to read, browse, and use quickly. Her list quickly reveals home remedies that are simply delicious.

Of course, because of the extensive amount of time, work, and experience that went into producing this kit, it is not free. But then again, the price is so low that it is almost nothing compared to the relief it provides. At the time of this writing, the cost for the entire kit is $37.

I fully recommend her recipes and her home remedy kit. It is a treasure trove of information designed for quick relief and lasting results.


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