Secret Home Remedies for Yeast Infection

This is a summary of my journey when solving a very common problem. A majority of women, and a considerable number of men, suffer from constant irritation from a fungus that naturally occurs in our bodies. Sometime however, the yeast in our bodies overgrows to a point that it becomes almost debilitating. From personal experience I know that Candida, or Candidasis, is not fun. I hope to help you overcome this annoying occurrence.

You will find here a summary of the cause of yeast infections, a discussion of home remedies that actually work, and my personal recommendations about the best solution that I have found so far.

The Problem Explained

Candida Albicans is a systemic irritation of the mucous tissues of the digestive tract or vagina. It occurs when the helpful and good amounts of fungi normally found in the body have grown out of balance. An overgrowth of the fungus disrupts the natural PH balance that protects us, causing itching, burning and other unpleasant symptoms.

To treat Candida, the body must again come into balance. Importantly, the foods we eat either promote or inhibit new growth of the Candida Albicans fungus. A few herbal remedies also have a strong impact on the prevalence of yeast infections.

I found a method of using natural immune boosting herbs, anti-fungal foods, digestive enzymes, and infection fighting remedies that coincidentally have been in use for centuries to combat this problem. The best source of these ingredients is in foods we eat.

Small, Early Beginnings Produce Big Results

Native Americans, midwives and primitive healers knew the values of different plants, roots and herbs in relieving pain, treating infections and building immune systems. Many of these treatments are still very effective today.

For example, 1,000 years ago, Native American Indians chewed on willow bark to sooth a headache. This was a common cure in ancient times. Today we know that willow bark contains one of the highest naturally occurring incidents of salicylic acid. This ingredient, salicylic acid, also happens to be the primary active ingredient in common aspirin.

Similarly, 5,000 years ago, ancient Chinese brewed a tea from the roots of a local bush, the Ma Huang bush. In English, the name for this bush is the Ephedra plant. They drank this tea to relive nasal congestion.

Today “Sudafed” is a common, over-the-counter nasal decongestant, it is even a houshold staple. It relies almost exclusively on synthetic Ephedra known scientifically as pseudoephedrine, or perhaps more accurately, a pseudo-ephedra commercial concoction that emulates the effect of the ancient tea. Shorten the name and there you go, “Sudafed.”

More importantly, know that countless examples of ancient, home remedies that work are almost endless. Today, giant pharmaceutical corporations often merely slightly alter old solutions that work, re-name them, and mark up the price dramatically.

We all already use highly effective home remedies for a broad spectrum of problems, but most people over pay because of reliance upon commercial advertisements and product trust rather than understanding causes and cures.

No, I am not suggesting you chew on willow bark or travel to China to dig roots. What I am suggesting is that a little knowledge will save you a bundle and cure yeast infections easily and without a fuss.

Even more importantly, know that commercial vitamins are dead. They have little impact compared to the freshest, organic vegetables that contains the same vital nutrients and elements. The freshest vegetables, just picked, are alive with vitamins, nutrients and trace elements that our bodies crave. These do wondrous things for our bodies, slowly.

Control Candida Forever

An effective course of treatment for Candida infections could include any or all of the following: a doctor visit, expensive prescription topical ointments, a proven home cure, lifestyle changes, dietary restrictions, naturally occurring probiotics, herbal supplements, and soothing teas.

Your first response to contain Candida irritation: Keep the irritated area dry and ventilated, don’t wear plastic, leather, polyester or tight clothing, do wear cotton panties or pads, wear skirts whenever possible, and avoid powders, douches, spermicides and contraceptive jelly. Abstinence from sex usually helps to avoid reinfections.

Once spreading is contained, begin an easy, safe and affordable do-it-yourself solution as you next step. A doctor visit is not normally required but for the most severe and advanced cases of neglect.

Home Remedies That Heal Candida Irritation

This shopping list is a point of beginning. It does not provide a final cure. However, the ingredients appearing below are all that is necessary for a final cure.

If used at the proper time, in the proper way, in the right quality, and in a correct combination, they effectively control and balance yeast fungi that naturally occur in the human body.

By the way, you need only one or two ingredients to take control and eliminate the problem.

A Full Shopping List:

Echinacea – A purple flowering perennial herb that is native to North America. It restores natural resistance to infection. Native American healers used the herb to treat colds, sinus irritations, hay fever, athlete’s foot and vaginal Candida.

Garlic – Often considered the best treatment. A potent herb used in cooking, but can be consumed in any form. It is an antioxidant, has anti-bacteria, virus and fungi properties and can inhibit the growth of Candida yeast. Very powerful but overuse can sometimes reverse the positive effects.

Golden Seal – A cousin of Echinacea, it has abundant immunity boosting properties. It is also good for skin, eczema, and all resistant fungi. It is rich in alkaloids of Berberine, which is an anti-bacterial property that kills protozoa, fungi and bacteria. Be sure to take it in capsule form or in a tincture, as it does not taste good.

Cat’s Claw – Also called Unadegato/Uncaria Tormetosa. This herb has anti-inflammatory properties, is an intestine cleanser for harmful bacteria and parasites and has antimicrobial effects.

Triphla – This is a yurvedic herb for colon health taken as a pill or in powder dissolved in water.

Black Cumin – Also called Nigella Sativa, this herb flushes out over-growths of fungi.

Oregano Oil – This oil may have side effects. Use it cautiously, but know too that it destroys all yeast. Use a few drops in water and drink, but it does have a strong taste, so some people prefer to use it only in sauces.

Pau d’Arco – The herb grows in South America. It is actually part of an evergreen tree, and its bark contains beta-lapachone and lapachal. It is effective in killing parasites, viruses and fungi. It comes in tea bags or as loose bark in small strips or shreds.

Barberry Root – This inhibits lipase enzymes that the Candida uses to thrive.

Cloves – This herb is very effective in tea and spice rubs on food. One drop of clove oil is effective, so use sparingly.

Coconut Oil – This supplement is very powerful. Stir virgin oil into veggies and soups because it is also delicious.

Ginger – This herb is not strong and powerful but has a healing quality when drank in ginger teas.

Apple Cider Vinegar – Raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar can be used in salads, marinades and mayonnaise.

Crispy Fruits and Vegetables – You should consider eating lots of Apples, Carrots, Celery, Broccoli, and other cruciferous vegetables.

Recipe for a Tincture – Mix together 1 oz. of Black Walnut husk, ½ oz. of Lavender flowers, Valerian Root, Pau d’Arco, 10 drops of Tea Tree Oil. Use 2-3 full droppers a day.

Use the above suggestions at your own risk. No guarantee applies. Check with a medical expert before relying solely on these ingredients to cure Candida.

Knowledge is the key. Then it is safe, easy, and always works.

Make Your Candida Remedy as Easy as Possible

Women and men alike have an assortment of home cures that actually work. Finding the right combination, timing and strength is vital. The best method for all individuals is unique to an individual and much too large to discuss here.

Fortunately, based on personal experience, everything necessary is in the “Ultimate Candida Diet” manual.

The quick start guide takes about an hour. This will contain your problem quickly. Then, the easy-to-read and understand information provided offers the highest probability cures.

Most cures work simultaneously, safely, which means you can try several together. Then, once candida is under control, it is a matter of experimenting to find your best personal maintenance regimen.

Within a day or two, you are free of problems and can take your time to find the easiest, simplest and most effective way to insure you will not have this problem again.

About the Ultimate Candida Diet

The complete set of manuals and system includes an amazing assortment of resources. You can use the quick start guide to solve problems quickly.

Then you have all procedures necessary to cure the problem. In addition, you also have every resource and method available to eliminate the possibility of re-occurrence, forever. Only your level of commitment limits your success.

Summary of the Ultimate Candida Diet System Contents

  • a five step plan of action beginning day one
  • three different books
  • a first grocery shopping list
  • a list of supplies necessary to find a permanent cure
  • an explanation of the eight most critical concerns
  • a schedule to follow to eliminate symptoms and problems
  • detailed information about probiotics, effects, and use
  • how to save money and get netter results
  • questionnaires that reveal your best personal options
  • information about affordable anti-fungal ointments
  • foods that help, and foods that make problems worse
  • a guide to preventing re-occurrence
  • herbal cures
  • a vegan guide for options and alternatives

For a one-time cost of only $37, this system is a bargain. It is affordable on any budget and provides a one-time, life solution for a problem that plagues many women and men regularly. Knowledge truly is power and then provides the key for a hassle free life.

Why go it alone? The pioneering hard work is complete and done for you. The system works, identifies your personal best remedies, and is almost foolproof providing a permanent cure.

A Warning and Unconditional Encouragement

Millions of false claims appear on the internet. I know personally what cured my Candida problem. In addition, many sites claim to provide a cure when guaranteed results are not available and the suggestions are merely fluff. I suspect you are like me and do not have time or patience to spare on false promises.

The official site is safe and secure. They provide quick responses to any question you ask. I had the feeling that they actually cared by the personal nature of responses they sent me. It was different. They actually read what I wrote when I asked questions and the replies were straightforward, personal and caring. This happened repeatedly, both before and after I bought the manual.

Please, do not fall for insincerity or an imposter program. I know what worked for me after years of pointless suggestions, struggle, and too much wasted money.

Try It for 60 Days and Then Decide If You Want to Keep It

I personally recommend this product. It worked for me and I am now Candida free. My best options are unique, and private. I would not have found them alone. With just a little effort and minimal cost, you too can be free of a recurrent Candida.

Life is too short to suffer needlessly and miss opportunities. After all, just a few wasted visits to a doctor could pay for the complete system 10 times over.

I fully recommend this product.


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